Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Brunch // Daily Outfit + Sponsored eShakti Review

Hello, all! I trust you had a good Easter. Mine was great! Since my mom's sister (who usually hosts Easter) was out of town my family went out to brunch at the hotel at a forest preserve on our way back from church. It was a lovely place, and the food was delicious! They even had a set up where you could get an omelet cooked to order with whatever put in it that you wanted, and a made-to-order waffle set up! It was great! Then afterwards we spent the day visiting family. It was really nice.

I've already done a general review of eShakti, so I won't get into the general awesomeness of eShakti in this post, but several weeks ago I was contacted by them again about doing a review of their spring line. I chose to snap up this beauty, and I'm really happy with it! I love the color + shape of it, and the quality of the material. It's lightweight so it won't be too hot in the summer, but not cheap feeling. I love that. ♥

I did have two problems with it, though. The first one was my fault. I love my other dress from eShakti, but for this one I wanted it about an inch shorter. I'm too scared to use the "higher than knee length" option when ordering from eShakti, since I can always shorten the dress, but I can't add length. So when I ordered this length I had a brilliant idea: put my height in as not quite what it really is, so the dress will be a bit shorter on me when I get it! It's a really good idea, I think, except that I said I was 5' 9" when I should have said I was 5' 7". Gaaah! So I had to take it to the tailor after I got it. Me and my blonde moments!

The second problem I had with it was the shoulder straps. They were really, really big on me. Like, the entire bust of the dress didn't fit right because I needed about an inch taken off each shoulder strap. I thought it might have just been because I'm short waist-ed, but then I remembered that Katherine had the same problem with her first dress from eShakti, which looks like exactly the same style... So I'm not sure what's up with that, but I love the dress, and I can't wait to wear it more this summer - especially after I get my crinoline petticoat! I think it will look super amazing with that! ♥


Katie Burry

♥ ♥ ♥       
dress: courtesy of eShakti
shoes: Target
cardigan: my mom's from Target
necklace: present from my parents
ring: 16th birthday gift from my parents
lipstick: MAC in Lickable

Disclosure: the dress featured in this post was provided to me from eShakti for review, and also includes some affiliate links.  All thoughts + opinions remain my own. 


  1. I love eShakti's dress. Bummer that the straps were a bit off though. I got a dress from them awhile back and luckily it fit like a glove.

  2. That's a great little cardigan! And that dress is super flattering!

    Check out my blog… It’s got some great shopping tips and style guides. Let me know if you’d like to follow each other! =)
    Lattes & Lacee

  3. I was just asked by eShakti to work with them too! I'm excited to get my dress but crossing my fingers that I don't have the weird shoulder strap problem! This still looks fantastic on you! Love all the bring pictures!


  4. I love your dress, it has a beautiful colour. And such a cute cardigan.
    Is that your sister, 'cause that's a lovely picture of her ;) it made my smile ( i'm still smiling)

    i'm glad you had a great Easter.
    x Audrey

  5. Lovely dress - so perfect for easter. =) Your shoes are really awesome too. =)
    And is that your sister?? I love her face - it totally made my night. =)

  6. Beautiful photos! And I need to buy something from eShakti soon!

    xox Sammi

  7. This dress is amazing on you! It looks like you had a very fabulous Easter! That shot of the little girl seriously made me laugh out loud - such a hilarious face!


  8. These photos are so pretty and your brunch looks incredible.

    I've noticed that eshakti has weird sizing/chest areas for sure too!

  9. I was about to say that I saw you had a cami under to keep from being too boobilicious (as I say, and am assuming here) and indeed - when I got my dress like this too I took like 3 inches off the straps - no joke! But now it cuts into my arms a bit funny, even though it covers my chest more appropriately now! Still the colors is beautiful on you - I'm loving the simplicity of the solid pink!

  10. What a pretty dress. I heard about this brand before. Very nice indeed.


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