Monday, April 8, 2013

Five Things for a Night of Pampering Yourself

Sometimes life sucks, and when it does there's no better way to hadle it than an evening in of spoiling yourself. Here are five of my favorite things for a night of pampering:

1. Cute pajamas, but I never have any, I found these adorable Lady and the Tramp pjs on Target's website, and now I'm thinking of getting them on payday! They're just too cute! 

2. Mud masks! They're not too harsh on my sensitive skin, but always get all the gunk out and leave my face feeling squeeky clean! I just used this Que Bella one last night and really liked it!

3. Two words: pretty. bras! I jut bought this pink lacy one from Aerie and I'm pretty obsessed! It's so pretty + comfortable! 

4. Chocolate!! Every girl's best friend, amirite? Lindt is my absolute favorite brand - so tasty and creamy!

5. What pampering night can be complete without painting your nails? This is my all time favorite nail polish: Russian Roulette by Essie. It not only goes on evenly, and smoothly, but also matches my favorite red lipstick! Score! 


  1. Oh, those PJs look so soft and comfy! What a great idea for a post - pampering yourself is so important :).

  2. Oh my god...Lindt white chocolate is absolutely amazing<3

  3. I like the things that you picked. I love that pajama, it's so cute. Have you tried Lavender Lindt chocolate? Those are the best :)

    x Audrey

  4. Ooh...that pajama set is adorable! I might need to pick that up when I get paid too, as my jim-jams (grin) are kinda old and I've been thinking about getting some new ones.

    I adore those masks from Que Bella! I love treating myself to a face mask while watching a tv show, or listening to music.

    Bramblewood Fashion


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