Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Aerie Review

Raise your hand if you're a girl who hates bra shopping! Ever since I started wearing bras I have hated it. It was impossible to find one with the support I wanted in my size, not to mention that the undergarments suppliers for Target, Kohl's and JC Penny's think that people in a C cup and above only want white, nude and black bras. Wrong! And there's always Victoria's Secret, but I'm a bit old fashioned and just can't stand that place! Plus they're so expensive. Boo.

And then, one glorious day I discovered Aerie. Aerie's slogan is "pretty goes with everything" and that's exactly what they have: pretty, lacy undergarments for women to enjoy and feel pretty in. I've been a fan of theirs for over a year now, and I thought it was time to share this great store with all of you!

They have sizes A-D (I really wish they carried DD and above), in all styles and colors imaginable, which is really nice! And their bras run about $50, with frequent 40% off sales. If you get one that's on clearance during the sale it's possible to pick one up for as low as $15! That's Target prices!

Their undies are also really cute - and super comfortable! They have girls briefs, boys briefs, boy shorts and thongs (I know this is a popular style but every time I see them all I can think is "how is that comfortable!?) They're usually around $10, but during the 40% off sales they're either 5 for $26 or 7 for $26 depending on which styles you get, so it's really not that bad of a price.

So there's the deets on Aerie. If you have one nearby I would highly reccomend taking a peek through the store. They've revolutionized the way I shop for bras + undies! ♥


  1. Ahh, such pretty undergarments! I wish we had an Aerie where I live :(

  2. I picked up some undies in an Aerie sale a few years ago. I think I got 10 for $30 or something. I only have one pair still surviving but I've got to say, it's one of my comfiest and most favourite pairs!


  3. I love Aerie, and I love any bra place that actually carries D+ bras in pretty styles, colors, and patterns. I hate shopping for bras at places like Kohl's because they never have my size since it's such a weird combo of band size and cup size.

  4. These are pretty knickers! My sister would love them to bits. I feel you about the bra thing -- ever since I started wearing bras I've only had them in those shades. *sigh*

    Great post.

  5. Not to sound like a total dweeb, but I've never heard of that store. And I've been looking for cute undergarments. I seriously only have black and white. (Womp-woooooomp). So glad I found your blog! I'm now following.

    The Nautical Owl

  6. I'd never heard of Aerie before, but I'm so glad you did this review! I myself am a B cup, but lately I've been having a hard time finding a bra that is comfortable and gives enough support! I tried a push-up bra, but I've quickly come to realize I hate push-up bras! It doesn't fit close to my chest at all to stop spillage. Yes I know, that's how these bras are made, but I was in need of of a bra, and it was the only one I saw that I even remotely liked; that I could afford at the time! I get my next paycheck tomorrow, though; and I don't have an Aerie close to me, but I'll check out the American Eagle Outfitters and see what they have. I've honestly never really gone to an American Eagle Outfitters to purchase something, and never found the store to be very interesting before, but my personality and style have changed quite a bit since then! Maybe I'll finally fall in love with AE! Thanks for the review Katie! Blessings to you,

  7. yes, bra shopping IS a terrible experience! >.<
    these panties are very pretty, especially pastel pink & blue ones~

    [my blogspot weirdoland -]


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