Monday, October 1, 2012

Lately {My Room + Magic Returns}

1. I wore a really cute outfit to work on Wednesday, but - due to a dead camera battery - I couldn't get any outfit photos. Boo!
2. I am completely addicted to caramel flavored candy corn.
3. My new dress + adorable note from Kaelah!
4. My pretty bed ready for me to get in it. ♥
5. I've always wanted a vanity, and now I finally have (a mini) one!
6. My new dress from the Forest Bootery. I'm in love with the collar on it!
7. Matchy-matchy!
8. Writing notes to myself before bed.
9. Just when I thought froyo couldn't get any better they make cake batter froyo!

1. Work of Art // Rachel Platten
3. Get Back // Demi Lovato
4. Call Me Maybe // Carly Rae Jepsen
5. Good Time// Owl City

1. Yes, this is still on my playlist! What can I say? When I like a song I like it for a looooong time!
2. And yeah, so is this one. Taylor Swift is good for dealing with drama.
3. I used to loooove this song a couple years ago, and I'm definitely rekindling my love with it the past few weeks! ♥
4. This one snuck it's way back onto my playlist. *winks*
5. Ok, so in all honesty, I haven't really been listening to this song this week, but it came on at work yesterday when I was just exhausted/not feeling well and I swear it was like a miracle! ♥

1. Doctor Who Season 7
2. The Help
3. Once Upon a Time Season 2

1. Finally finished the fall part of season 7 of Doctor Who. I thought that the season finale was the best written episode of the bunch and was very well satisfied with the way they summed everything up. I have to admit, though, that I'm still wary of Oswin - I wasn't a particular fan of her in the Asylum of the Daleks... What did you all think? Leave me a comment - I'm dying to discus it with other Whovians!
2. I love this movie - a lot. Emma Stone is so fantastic and the entire movie is just so well written/acted. And since Bryce Dallas Howard is also a favorite actress of mine,  having her in there can only make it more awesome! (Even if her character is pure evil.)
3. Am I the only one excited about the return of Once Upon a Time?? I thought last season was fantastic, and I have really high hopes for this season. I'm a really curious/a little unsure as to how the whole "magic-in-this-world" thing will pan out, but that's probably just because I've become sort of used to being disappointed in my favorite shows lately. *winks*

P.S. Do you all like the new fonts in this post? I decided to switch it up and use something other than Lullaby for once, and so far I really like it! ♥


  1. Ooh, that cake batter froyo looks amazing!

    I really, really have to watch the mid-season finale of Doctor Who now. I hear it's amazing! And I have liked all the other episodes (I loved the cowboy one and the power of three), but now I'm a little scared for what happens in this one. I think I'm going to like Oswin, once I get to know her better. She had an interesting character in the Dalek episode, so I'm looking forward to seeing her again in the Christmas special. And the Christmas specials are always amazing, so we'll see how that goes!

    I'm getting excited for Once Upon a Time! I like the show on and off, because there can be some really good episodes mixed up with some not-so-good episodes, so I hope this season will be a bit more satisfying to me. I'm definitely interested to meet the new characters (my friend told me they're bringing in Mulan...what?!), and to see what happens to all my old favorites.


  2. Those sunnies in the first pic - LOVE! What are they? x

  3. I sobbed during The Angels take Manhattan... Rory and Amy's departure was so perfect. I love them together. <3

    I think it's natural to be a little wary of Oswin (Clara? Oswin? Clara?), since we've had the Ponds for so long, but I really like how they're handling her introduction. They gave us time to get to know her, then took a step back and gave us our last few episodes with the Ponds, and now they're giving us a "grieving period" of a month or two before they introduce her again instead of just bringing her in at the end of the last episode. I'm optimistic. :P [/DW fangirling]

    I haven't seen the OuaT series premiere yet! Super excited.

    Also, I love the "I'm kind of a big deal on my blog" sign on your vanity. :P


  4. Awe, I love the dress you got from Kaelah! So, so pretty :D :D
    Looking forward to skypeing tomorrow! x

  5. My sister and a few of our friends love OuaT! I had the idea the other day that Bae (Rumple's son, who we think was the guy at the beginning of Season 2) might be Henry's dad.

    I love the show :)

    By the way, you always look so great in your photos!


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