Monday, October 8, 2012

Lately {Veggie Tales + Makeup}

 1. A cake pop after work.
2. These three things are like gold to me!
3. The rainy day was gorgeous but it def made my outfit photos interesting!
4. This is what it took for me to get outfit photos in the rain (yes, that's a grocery bag)
5. All packed for my weekend - including four pairs of shoes!
6. I loved the cosmetic mirror in the hotel room!
7. I felt so classy with a cup of coffee in my hand and a clutch under my arm!
8. There were life sized Veggie Tales characters in the Sunday school rooms of the church my uncle's wedding was at. The six year old in me was thrilled!
9. A minty chocolate pop rose at the wedding reception. They were so delicious!

1. Good Time // Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen
2. That Don’t Impress Me Much // Shania Twain
3. Fairytale // Sara Bareilles
4. Captains of the Sky // Sky Sailing

1. I know, I know... would I stop listening to this song already? I just can't help how good it is and how much I love it!
2. This was a favorite song of mine a couple years ago, and I recently rediscovered it. It's just such a catchy song and I really love listening to country music sometimes.
3. This song was also a favorite song of mine several years ago, and despite it being a bit depressing, I still sort of like it. Sara Bareilles is extremely talented.
4. I heard this song playing in H&M last week while I was doing some shopping and I just feaked out! Sky Sailing is one of my favorite bands ever but I've never heard it on the radio! I was practically running around the store going "Mooooooom!!! It's Sky Sailing!!!" Luckily the store was mostly empty. *winks*

1. Once Upon a Time season two
2. Kitchen Nightmares
3. Doc Martin

1. Just watched the second episode last night and it's so good so far! I was a little worried about how it would be with the curse broken, but it's still soooo good! I can't wait to see the next episode!
2. Maddie got me started on this show and now my whole family is addicted! Basically this extremely successful British chef, Chef Ramsey, comes into failing restaurants, takes over, and tells the owners what to do to fix the place. It's really good!
3. Another British show. It's about a doctor from London who moves to a small, island town called "Portwenn." He's kind of grumpy and grouchy, with sort of a Sherlock-esque personality, but it's really good and interesting. We're on season 2 of 6 and right now I'm just really hoping that the doc gets together with his lady friend! ♥


  1. I love Kitchen Nightmares! I prefer the British ones to the American ones though.

  2. Mmm, cake pops are so good! Now I want one. :P Sounds like you've been having a good weekend. :)


  3. That cake pop looks so yummy!
    Haha, once I start listening to Owl City, I usually can't stop...not until I have all the lyrics memorized and the song permanently stuck in my head.(;
    I'm excited to see where they go with Once Upon A Time. It looks like it's going to get pretty interesting, and I'm excited to see more character development (I'm not sure why, but at first, all the prince/princess characters seem so bland to me, but they tend to get better as they show up more in the series). And I'm SO glad that Belle is back!
    Hmm, I keep seeing Doc Martin on Netflix, but I haven't yet given it a try. I may have to check it out now! Have you ever watched Inspector Lewis? That's another really good British mystery of those ones where I can never figure out who did it until the end. And I do love the characters too.(:


  4. Your photos makes your life look so divineeee!
    Shania Twain was my jam when I was a kid. I used to dance to it in my friend's room. We'd made the room completely dark and set up a "disco ball" (a flashing whistle) that we'd hang from her ceiling light. Fun times!
    Lovely post, made me smile :-)

    The Lovelorn

  5. I can't help but like Shania I love That Don't Impress Me Much and Man, I Feel Like A Woman. She's just so fun! And it's pretty much the only country music I'll listen to.

  6. to this day, i still sing the 'everybody wants a water buffalo' song filling in water buffalo with things like 'cupcake, work done on time' etc.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  7. Ha, loved Doc Marten! And I kept getting all crazy with him and his girl too, they go back and forth so much! But keep watching, it gets really good!


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