Monday, October 15, 2012

Lately... {Packages and Country Music}

1. This week I passed 100 followers on Instagram! Woohoo!
2. Remember when I said those $2 cups of coffee would add up? Well, it's already started...
3. Laying out an outfit the night before allows me to sleep in a few minutes longer the next morning.
4. I park under this tree whenever I have the chance. It's so gorgeous!
5. Came home from work to find two packages for me! Made it all worth it!
6. My Ipsy bag this month. My favorite yet!
7. What was in my other package! Too bad I have to exchange them for a half size smaller. :(
8. No one would re-watch Downton Abbey with me so I started re-watching it by myself.
9. Went to Target for some new tights and ended up doing some retail therapy!

1. Sailboats // Sky Sailing
2.  Behind the Clouds // Brad Paisley
3. Real Gone // Sheryl Crow
4. Life is a Highway // Rascal Flats
5. Good Time // Owl City

1. This is a favorite song of mine - as are all of the songs on An Airplane Carried Me to Bed -  it's such an emotional sounding song, and I just love the reference to Audrey Hepburn! ♥
2. I really love this song. It reminds me so much of visiting my aunt and uncle's ranch in Missouri, and my friends out in Wyoming. And let's face it - Brad Paisley really is just one of the best country artists ever.
3. This used to be a favorite song of mine and I've started listening to it again. I just really love the Cars soundtrack, ok?
4. Now that I think of it, I really have been listening to a lot of country music lately... maybe seeing my Aunt Mary last weekend got me started on it. I really just want to go back out to Missouri and then Colorado/Wyoming. I need me some country time. ♥
5. Do I really need to explain yet again why I love this song?? I've been singing it at work all week! (Because, you know, Pandora never plays it anymore. Why Pandora, why? I thought we were buds...)

1. From Time to Time
2. Doc Martin
3. Once Upon a Time season 2

1. Viki commented on my last outfit post and recommended this movie. Of course I couldn't resist a movie written by the same writer of Downton Abbey (especially one with Maggie Smith in it!), and it was absolutely fantastic! Really cute and sweet story. Definitely want to watch it again sometime!
2. I love this show (but then, what British Show don't I like!?). And even thought he's grumpy, and a bit gruff, I just love the Doc and I just can't wait until he gets together with Louisa!
3. This season is definately not disapointing! Despite the fact that I find Snow just the tiniest bit annoying, I'm really loving it so far! I'm actually really liking Regina and so far my only complaint is that Mr. Gold needs to be in more! Also, are me and Maddie the only ones who think that Henry looks like a younger version of Adam Young!?


  1. Ooh, those shoes are too lovely! Too bad you had to exchange them!
    I really must rewatch Downton one of these's a good show to sit down and watch while knitting.(:

    Haha, I just revisited From Time to Time last night (and I cried...again...tearing up at the happy parts, and then weeping at the ending)! I'm glad you liked it...I love Maggie Smith in that movie, especially her fashions! I totally would have worn that lavender velvet jacket of hers...(; And I love Hugh Bonneville's character so much! If only we could've seen more of him in the movie!


  2. Ah, I LOVE Downton Abbey! I still need to watch yesterday's episode though. And I'm going to follow you on Instagram now :)

  3. Ohhhh maaannnnn I need to catch up on Once Upon a Time!


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