Monday, February 6, 2012

Umbrella Beach // Daily Outfit

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It's no secret that I love Owl City. There aren't a whole lot of celebrities I like (the list has gotten even shorter over the past six months) but I really, really like Adam Young. He just seems so normal. And I can't even begin to describe how encouraging it is to see a fellow follower of Christ successful in the mainstream market still staying strong in their faith. It's music I can feel confident listening to. I know there won't be anything objectionable to me in it, I know I will like it, and I don't have to feel guilty about who is getting my money (I'm super picky about that). I can actually feel proud about who I am supporting. ♥

I haven't worn this skirt in a while, but my friend Syd told me a while ago that I should wear it more often since (apparently) it's very flattering on me. Since I've been wanting to wear it with this shirt for a while, and I finally got tights to match, it seemed like a good time to break it out again - even if I do prefer full skirts.

On one final note, wearing this skirt makes me think of Elizabeth, and these glasses remind me of Elycia. Just sayin'.


  1. your friend is right it is VERY flattering on you
    and I didnt realise that dude was a christian.. thats nice to know :)

    love what your doing here with your blog, keep it up girl!

    much love from beemod..

  2. I'm also a huge fan of Owl City! I follow his twitter and he is just the right mix of quirky, funny, and inspirational. He also does a great job of being subtle with his faith in some songs, and very outright in others, making my non-Christian friends much more likely to listen to his songs at first, and then begin questioning, which is always so inspirational to me and my faith! Haha, sorry, long rant! But anyway, I just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE your tights, and I hope you have a nice day! :]]]

    if you have a chance, check out my blog!

  3. Those glasses + the adorable jacket = just plain cute! Lovely outfit, miss!

  4. LOVE your outfit, this style of skirt is really trendy in Australia at the moment. I have a red one which I'm wearing a lot. Gotta listen to Adam Young, haven't heard of him! but I like Owl City so we must have similar tastes.

    1. Aw, cool! I didn't know this style of skirt was trendy in Australia - I got it from a thrift store for like three bucks!

      And actually Adam Young is the lead singer/song writer for Owl City. I love all of his work, though. <3

  5. Thank you for the linkback, milady -

    - s

  6. Okay, that seriously has to be one of the cutest outfits you have EVER worn. You look like a cute school girl almost. And those glasses! They are so huge and geeky! The Doctor would approve. And...well, I could go on and on but there is only one word for it. CUTE. Really, you should wear that more. You look adorable! I mean WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY CUTE!!!!! I love the top picture especially 8-D

  7. This is such a fun and cute outfit, the jacket and tee really balance out the skirt, and who doesn't love nerdy-chic glasses! ^_^ (I love how you have a broad dress style and try different things, it really makes your style fun!)

    I've never heard of owl city before, I'll have to go look them up now, it's always fun to find new music.

  8. Love your glasses :)

    xo Jennifer


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