Thursday, February 2, 2012

Be Happy // Daily Outfit

{dress//Moon Collection via the Red Dress Shoppe :: skirt//thrifted :: belt//thrifted :: tights// courtesy of We Love Colors :: leather jacket//Wet Seal :: boots//Blowfish Shoes :: bag//ModCloth}

I feel like every time I get a new pair of tights my solution is to wear them with this dress, pair of shoes, jacket and purse. I know I need to branch out, but when We Love Colors sent me these tights I knew I had to do it one last time with tights because they looked so awesome together!

So I've started a couple of February challenges. First, since I lost my iPod touch and missed out on #janphotoday I am doing #febphotoday. Wish me luck this time! If you have Instagram you can follow along with my progress (and a bunch of other, random photos). My user name is BeautifullyPure. If not, I'll tweet the picture each day so you can follow me on Twitter.

The second challenge is also on Twitter. It's the #3thingsfebruary challenge. At the end of each day you just tweet three things that made you smile with the hastag #3thingsfebruary. I'm really excited about this one. I swear I'm half optimist/half pessimist. I can go from ecstatic to moping in the "depths of despair"in about three seconds flat - so it will be really nice to take a minute to pause and think of some of the little, but nice things in my life each day! Yesterday my three were:

1. Sweet comments from Jack. 
2. Planning my trip to visit Jack and her family in May. <3
3. Friends texting me first.

Are you doing any February challenges, and if so, what are they?

(Edit: I posted some of the bloopers from this shoot over on the Beautifully Pure FaceBook page if anyone is interested ;D)


  1. "I thought you were an optimist?" "Well you were wrong. I'm a realist."
    I would say this means you get to be Tintin but well, you don't. You can be Haddock. I am Tintin. No! I am Tintin! No, I am Tintin, really I am! Sorry, I couldn't help myself...

    You should wear a motorcycle jacket with that...though, maybe it is too big.

    I like your tights. They are bright and red, which you know, but I like state the obvious. Reid would approve. I FINALLY know why he likes red. His name means red. That should be his new nickname. Red, I like that. Like Red Rackham. Oh man! I want to see that movie again! I am going through Sir Francis withdrawls. That was such a cool duel. Best duel ever. Even if you have to get technical and point out that gun powder can't go down stairs. I plan to test that by the way.

    You still haven't done a Astrid outfit. I'm telling Maddock and he will tell you and then you will HAVE to do it.

    I want to wear your boots, can I try them on and run about for a little bit and pretend I'm riding dragons? They don't really go with Draco but are prefect for Toothless.

    Speaking of dragons, I should watch Dragon Heart again...

    You didn't smile. I told you to smile. You never listen to me, and I'm older. "Well, you were older then." Hm, now you see how my brain works. For everything I think a movie quote pops up.

    As for your moods changing...WOW!! I did NOT know all. Ever. I am shocked...

    Now I will go before you hit me.

    A Bit Unlikely,

  2. i love love love this outfit! i love the girly romantic dress with the edgy jacket and the pop of amazing color with the tights!

  3. I REALLY Love this dress. It looks perfect on you!

    found the route

  4. I love how the red stockings and shoes give this dress an edgy look!

  5. Very pretty outfit and blog, my Chictopia friend:)

  6. I love your red tights with this outfit. It really makes you pop out! So adorable :)

  7. I'm finally getting on top of my blog so I thought I would drop over and look at yours. You really do have lovely outfits. You make me wish I had red tights. I love your dress, and it is smashing with the jacket!

  8. Well, first off, I really like your porch as a backdrop, its so pretty and has great character!

    The red tights are so bright and happy, I love how you aren't afraid to rock color. And I can see why this is your favorite dress, it's so pretty.

    1. Aw, thank you so much! I'm still a bit nervous with color, but I'm getting there!

      And that's not my porch. Lol! It's an abandoned house in this cute little town. My little sister (who was helping me get pictures) was convinced that we were going to be murdered by the woman in black! :D

  9. Those tights are rad... and red obviously, but definitely red. The tough boots and bright tights take a really sweet dress up a notch. I love it.

  10. What a lovely look. :3

  11. I can see why you would like to wear them with this dress, it's absolutely adorable!




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