Tuesday, February 14, 2012

If I Walk Away // Daily Outfit

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Sometimes when I go to write a post I end up staring at the blank, white spot for a while before I can actually piece together what it is I want to say. There's so much on my mind and heart lately I couldn't share it here even if this was the place to do it. So let's just leave it at: it's hard to feel myself growing and becoming stronger in my confidence and who I am while seeing some of my best friends floundering.

This is what I wore to go out to linner (dinner + lunch) in Chicago with my family. I've been looking for a 
way to wear this blouse, and after seeing what Keiko Lynn wore to the People's Choice Awards, I decided to try layering it over my favorite LBD. I decided to add the belt after remembering that Elsie does that a lot in her Fashion Mixology posts. I love the result! One of my favorite things do is mix girly pieces with more edgy pieces, and I think this outfit has the perfect combination of girly meets edgy. Also, I stinking love my bangs. ♥


  1. Katie,
    I love this outfit on you!! The sweet pink and edgy black is a perfect combination. I hope your friends are all alright and your heart stays strong. Be sure to check out my blog post today for Valentine's Day. Thanks again for participating lady!!

  2. This is one of your prettiest outfits ever. Very fitting post for Valentine's Day. I mean, the shirt is pink. And that's a good color for today.
    I have a black and white stripped shirt. It is my French shirt. When you come you could wear that one and I can wear mine and we can pretend we are French, maybe spies, like in your book. All we would need is an airship...and a dashing Andrew. Hm, well, you can have Andrew. I want a dashing Peter. He's not French, but he is shorter, more my height. As my cousin said, we have to marry men our height. So I get Peter, and you Andrew. Unless you want Steed but, well, you know the reason behind not getting him. Can't tell anyone though. *SPOILERS* River Song! You can't have the Doctor though, he's not French and has never been in an airship, so he doesn't count this time. Though...I wonder how good of spies Frenchmen would be. Scratch the French. You take Isidore, he's tall. Or Aden. He isn't as tall, but he is taller. I think though, Steed and Isidore are closer to your height. You could take Hogan, but he's too old. Maybe we don't even need fellows to be spies...
    You still haven't done a Hiccup outfit with your boots. I'm waiting.
    Now I will go, because I have someone calling me...oh wait! Let's play Spanish! Zorro! Do you have tall black boots?! I have a black outfit. All I need is the hat and mask and I'm set! I even have the swords!

    Okay, I'm going for real.

    A Bit Unlikely,

  3. I totally understand what you're saying about mixing edgy and pretty! (Not that edgy isn't pretty...but you know what I mean.) I think having a kickin' leather jacket like you is one way to pump up a lot of outfits...and I probably have to invest in one soon. Love the outfit! :]]]


    1. I totally agree about leather jackets! I'm planning on getting a new one this week end. I want more a biker jacket to be even *more* rockin'!

      Another thing I love to do to add a bit of an edge to outfits is to wear dark, edgy-ish eye make up. You can't tell from these pics very well, but I swear I had like a pound (exaggeration) of black eyeshadow layered over black eyeliner with liquid eyeliner on top of it all! It's one of my favorite looks. <3

  4. This is a very pretty outfit, Katie. Makes me wish you could help me with my outfits. I need it. You have such pretty ideas for clothes. I wish I had that talent.

  5. I love this blouse so much-- I remember how excited you were when you bought it, lol. :)

    I really like the idea of layering a blouse over a dress. I'm so self-conscious of my belly though-- I'm afraid it might look bad. Teach me your ways. <3


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