Monday, February 27, 2012

Tonight // Music Monday

Another non-Adam Young Music Monday post! Look how good I'm being. :)

I was first introduced to Days Difference when they opened for Owl City. My little sister and my mom especially loved them, and Maddie had downloaded a bunch of their songs from iTunes before a week was up, I think. This is one of my favorites of their songs. I hope you enjoy it. :)


  1. Wow, this band is SOOOO COOL. I love this song. (I get really excited when I find new music...sorry.) Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    1. Oh don't be sorry! I posted my Music Monday posts for months when nobody cared about them at all except me. I'm so glad to see that someone enjoys them now! :D

  2. Katie,

    I think this is my favorite song by DD.... :) Except, I think it get's a little too high for his voice to sound "really good". His brother, the drummer, should have sang it.... he has a higher voice. :) Want to know what song of theirs I hate? :D "Love is enough" -_- *sighs* *rolls eyes*

    But like I said -- this is my favorite song by them! :D Yay! DD had better open for Owl City again when (I was about to say 'if' O.O) we go next year. :)

    Oh, and we're lame. I saw some videos on youtube where various different girls had to wait SIX HOURS just to meet them and get autographs and pictures!!! We could have done that (except for the pictures) in about ten minutes at the most. :P speaking of which, I have this song on video from November! <3 Except, it doesn't sound as good live.... :-/

    I'll stop rattling on now.......

    Anna Grace


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