Sunday, March 27, 2011

Romance and Comfort-ability

On Saturday my mom and little sister and I went to Ulta to get our make up done. I got a hair cut, as well. My old hair cut was just way too hard to take care of! This is how the hair stylist styled it after cutting it (this is the next day after sleeping on it and it still looked great!). Usually I hate my hair straight, but I loved it like this! I wanted to keep it like this forever!

My mom had her make up done by Benefit, and my sister and I got ours done by Urban Decay. The make up artist was so great! I said I wanted something bright and fun because I don't usually do that. She used purple eyeshadow, and a really pretty aqua color along with a really light pink for blending and a dark teal eye liner. (iPod picture) I wasn't planning on buying any make up that day, but I loved the color palate she used so much - well, let's just say I won't be getting any film developed before my trip. *grins* Here's my re-do of the make up from Saturday (minus the teal eyeliner that didn't come in the palate). Sorry it doesn't show up as well on camera...

So, now about my outfit. I love this outfit! I've struggled for a while with how I dress. I want to have a more pretty, feminine, old fashioned romantic (a : marked by the imaginative or emotional appeal of what is heroic, adventurous, remote, mysterious, or idealized) life. Some days when I'm tired all I want is a tee-shirt and jeans, but that's so unromantic and I never feel pretty when wearing that. So here is my alternative: a short dress with jeans and ballet flats! Just as comfy and about twenty times prettier and more romantic! Eventually I want to get some romantic, flowy blouses as well, but even so I love this outfit. It's seriously one of my favorites. *insert heart*
So, this is the end of my ramblings. I felt like I had so much to say after such a long absence. It's really terrible. I've just been so busy trying to finish all my school work before my trip. I'm looking forward to summer break. *grins*

Until next time my loyal readers...

Outfit Details:
Dress - Red Dress Shoppe
Jeans - Old Navy
Ballet Flats - Old Navy
Tee shirt - Merona
Jacket - Mossimo Supply Co.
Sunglasses - Forever 21 via a gift from my big sister, Heather


  1. Love the new hair, you look very adult. I like the sideswept bangs on you too.

  2. I like this one, it is cute. It is a nice way to wear jeans and a tee shirt and make it ladylike. You are very creative 8-D I hope you post more soon, I have REALLY missed them.

  3. love this jacket!

    Helen, X

  4. I adore the last shot most. I know someone who lived on urban decay make up. I'm so make-up dumb though haha.

  5. Your hair is adorable like that and I love the sunglasses!

  6. Awww I like your hair! It's so pretty!!

  7. Cute pictures!


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