Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Toys


Thursday I took great joy in ordering my very first Diana +F without flash (not the mini) from Lomography, along with three lovely rolls of film - including one roll of slide film! I am so very excited, especially since on Friday I then ordered a Holga camera as well! I was going to get the Diana +F with flash, but I realized that I could get a Diana without flash, a Holga camera, and three rolls of film for about the same price, so I went with that instead. *winks*

And this is all perfect timing for the start of my new co-blog, The Baker Street Blog! My lovely big sister/co-author, Heather, was telling me Wednesday night that she liked taking pictures, but then never had anything to do with them once she did. So I suggested we start a photo blog together. Well, over the course of a couple days talk the idea sort of evolved into a full on blog.

This does not, under any circumstances mean I am abandoning Beautifully Pure. I will still be posting on here - and hopefully more often than I have been lately - but I will also be posting on TBSB. Mostly photography and some sewing projects, but also some outfits from time to time. While here on BP I will be posting mostly outfits, music, and pretty clothes I like - I even have a really cool interview planned for sometime soon, that I am totally excited about!

So yeah, there'll be some changes, but I'm really excited about it. My photography posts don't always seem to get as much attention on here as I'd like - which I understand. This is, after all, first and foremost a fashion blog, but my photography needs a home too! So TBSB will be their home, and give me something fun to do with my big sister again. I can't wait to get to post on it together in April! So go check it out - right now! I made a custom template for it over the week end I dare say it is my best yet!


  1. very cool! Have fun!

    (p.s. just checked out your link....looks like you have an extra w in the URL....)

  2. *gasps* I cannot even tell you how jealous I am right now...I've been wanting a lomography camera for ages! And your photos are soooo pretty! and your dress looks amazing!

  3. I cannot wait to see what all you have got coming for us!
    - s


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