Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Milly Dress // Remix Archives

I got this dress a long, long time ago - just a few months after I started this blog, in fact - and since then I've wore it countless times. There are so many colors in it that it pretty much goes with anything. It's definitely a favorite to remix.

Posts with this dress:


  1. That dress is so adorable! I love how you styled it for so many different seasons! I especially love the winter picture, the scalloped petticoat is adorable!


  2. I like remix posts. It's always good to feel that it's no crime to show the same dress several times on one blog. I love it with the red tights best and the leather jacket.

  3. Super cute! I can't even pick a favourite because they're all pretty great. :)


  4. The dress is gorgeous! I can't even decided which outfit I like the most because the dress looks so different in each one! They are all really great!


  5. It's such a cute dress though, and as you proved you can wear it many different ways :)


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