Thursday, January 10, 2013

Caledonia, You're Calling Me // Daily Outfit

 If I hadn't known it was January when I was taking these photos, I would have sworn it was early spring! It was freezing cold, but the birds twittering in the trees + the smell of the fresh earth and vegetation could have easily had me thinking it was March - and I really wish it was. To be completely honest I didn't have the best of autumns/winters in 2012, and I am more than ready to get back to the warmth and fun of spring and summer.

Later this month I'm taking a trip to visit my aunt and uncle in Missouri, and I am so, so excited! My aunt and uncle are like my third set of grandparents, and I used to spend a week with them every summer, but I haven't been down to their ranch in nearly three years, and I miss it so much! It'll be really good to get back to my roots and spend some quality time with + reconnect with some really special people.

On another subject, ta da!!! What do you all think of my new dress?? My lovely cousin, Molly made it for me as a birthday/Christmas gift, and I couldn't be more thrilled with it!  It's called the Caledonia dress after a cute little town near my aunt and uncle's ranch and will be available on Molly's Etsy shoppe later this spring!

I've also hired her to make me another dress out of this gorgeous fabric. I can't wait to wear it with my Litas/Dolce Vitas shoes! I really don't think Molly realizes what she's gotten herself into! Lol. *winks*

P.S. Everyone should go wish Molly a happy birthday on her blog! She's such a dear. ♥

♥ ♥ ♥       
Dress: gift from Molly
shoes: Charlotte Russe
tights: Forever 21
belt: Thrifted
cardigan: Maurice's
purse: Jo Totes
lipstick: Kat Von D Painted Love in Underage Red
title: Caledonia by Celtic Woman


  1. I love camera purses! I have a Theit bag. They are just so perfect fo carrying everything!

    Cute dress & love the shoes!

  2. Such a cute dress! It's so good to get away, especially during winter when the cold can really start to get to you. I'm definitely ready for spring!

  3. I love that song (the post title) and I love that outfit. ;) Very cute -great color combinations too!

  4. that is the cutest dress!!!!! your cousin is really talented. she should open an etsy shop!! also, the jo totes bag looks totally cute :) how do you like it?

    1. oh duh... didn't see the part where she was opening an etsy shop. i'll be sure to check it out!

  5. Really pretty dress! I'm definitely going to look at her etsy shop :) Where do you find those fabrics? xo

  6. That dress is adorable! :D as is your whole outfit! I love the teal color of your camera bag...and how it perfectly matches your shoes!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  7. You look super cute, Katie! I love that cardigan with the dress -- it totally matches it. <3 And I love that bag -- I must get one sometime. :)

  8. Molly is extremely talented and did an amazing job. I adore the fabric choice too!!! I think your hair is darling too. This whole outfit is so pretty!!! Hope you have a great time in Missouri!

  9. This dress is amazing and I'm lovin' your new hair!

  10. Goodness, this whole outfit is ADORABLE. I really love it!

  11. Ahh!! This is outfit is just too ADORABLE!!! Molly did an amazing job on your dress! I love the print, color, style...well, let's just say I love everything. *grin*

  12. This may be my favourite outfit post of yours yet. That dress is beautiful! I love the shape, print and the bright red peter pan collar. Plus, you know, lots of turquoise which is my favourite colour.

    I will defintely be checking out Molly's blog and Etsy shop.


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