Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wish List Wednesday

1. Beachshide Beauty Hat
2. Scarlet Lapel Knit Top
3. Espresso Yourself Sunglasses
4. Graceful Waves Strapless Dress
5. All Smiles Lip Balm Set
6. Annie Hall Skirt: Blue Floral
7. Through the Wire Headband in Deer
8. Swish and Spin Skirt in Pink


  1. Sigh...I NEED #2 and #5 in my life... <3

  2. Cool hat. You were hats now. Hats are cool. (Sorry, I've been watching Doctor Who. That is a natural reaction...wait, you know all about that.)

    I also have a dream I was trying on another sleeve and it turned into Tony's arm blaster thing. Such a cool dream. Arm blasters are cool. I want one.

  3. that Modcloth skirt is on my wishlist too! great choices darling XX Ilana @ My Modern Vintage


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