Monday, May 14, 2012

Take it All Away by Owl City // Music Monday

This is a remix of one of the brand new songs by Owl City. The original song can be heard here (I couldn't find a video with it to embed) and will be included on Owl City's new EP, Shooting Stars, which will be released tomorrow. Yay!!!!

So far Adam has released three songs from the new EP: Take it All Away, Dementia, and Gold. Dementia is the most like his last two albums, but Take it All Away, and Gold are very different. A new style for Owl City. And I know that a lot of people don't like it, but I just love it! It's totally different, and I'm not going to say I like it more than the other three albums, but I like it just as much! Honestly, it seems that no matter what Adam Young does I like it. From the simple, acoustic sounds of An Airplane Carried Me to Bed, to the techno sounds of Ocean Eyes and All things Bright and Beautiful, to the more traditional pop sounds (from what I can tell so far) of Shooting Stars - I love it all! Adam Young has yet to disappoint me and I seriously cannot wait to get Shooting Stars loaded onto my iPod! ♥

So, to sum up this incredibly long Music Monday post: I love Owl City and I'm an Adam Young fan for life!

In other news, I'm really sorry I've not been around much the past couple weeks. A lot has been going on, and I've been stressed out. Obviously my body doesn't deal well with stress because I've been tired, not sleeping well, and extremely moody. I've been really depressed and not wanting to do much of anything, but I'm finally starting to get out of it, and excited to blog again. Woohoo! I have a bunch of backlogged outfits to post this week!



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