Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When Can I See You Again // Daily Outfit

Last Friday my family went to see Wreck It Ralph - on opening day (score!). For those of you that don't understand my interest in this movie it stems from two things: number one, I have strong love for Disney kids movies (Tangled? Yes please!) and number two, Owl City had a song featured in the soundtrack - and we all know how big of an Owl City fan I am.  

On another very important note, can I just point out that I am wearing authentic Jeffrey Campbell Lita spikes!? I can't believe that I when I started reading Little Chief Honeybee, I didn't really like Lita's! Of course her gorgeous style won me over, though, and pretty soon I found myself wanting a pair. So I bought not one, but two faux pairs, and vowed to get a pair after I got a job, and I finally did it! And let me tell you, Kaelah was so right when she said that they'd make me feel like a new woman! *winks* (Also, they are much more comfortable than the knock offs!)

 ♥ ♥ ♥       
Owl City tee shirt: District Lines
plaid shirt: Maddie's
skirt: Kelly King
belt: Francesca's Collections
Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spikes: Lori's Shoes
bracelet: Betsy Johnson
tights: Target
bag: Francesca's Collections
lipstick: MAC in Lickable
Title: When Can I See You Again by Owl City


  1. Those shoes are AWESOME. They make you look so tall and thinner than usual (not that you aren't thin, but DAMN GIRL) and I love the open plaid -- tee -- fancy skirt combo. Kinda brilliant if you ask me.

    I've only ever heard one Owl City song and it sounded like a bad Postal Service rip off so I never listened further. Maybe I'll give them a chance.

  2. Love the shoes, you look so good with them.
    xx Audrey


  3. I really want to see Wreck it Ralph! I love silly animated films and computer games and can't wait for it to come out here. Damm being in Britain and having to wait months for all the good stuff!

    Also, it's so obvious to say it but those shoes are amazing! I liked them for the first photo with all the laces because I adore lace up boots, but then the next photo I was lie 'woa!: the spikes!' Those shoes kick ass.


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