Monday, November 12, 2012

Lately {Food + An Abundance of Owl City and Katy Perry}

1. Red velvet + a chocolate long John + coffee for breakfast on election day. ♥
2. The problems with wearing bright red lipstick and drinking Starbucks.
3. Birthday cake ice cream and chocolate ice cream with magic shell - two of my favorites!
4. Maddie found an easter egg gumball still hiding in our house!
5. I put up a shelf in my room all by myself! I'm so proud! (Even if it is a bit crooked)
6. I wore chevron Forever 21 flats to work on Saturday - just in case y'all were wonderin'
7. Drinking Italian cream soda pop Friday night.
8. The necessities of a good manicure (tried the ol' Pam method of drying nails, but the jury is still out on the result)
9. Finally jumped on the Afterglow bandwagon + the last rose of summer.

1. Part of Me // Katy Perry
2. When Can I See You Again // Owl City
3. Hot N Cold // Katy Perry
4. Dreams and Disasters // Owl City

1. I've really kind of fallen in love with Katy Perry's music. So many of her songs are just so uplifting and encouraging - and this is definitely one of them. ♥
2. I just can't stop listening to this song yet. The music is so wonderful, and the lyrics are so upbeat and happy and encouraging ("life's too short to take it slow" I agree!)
3. Guilty pleasure. I accidentally bought a non-edited version one (what does "radio edit" mean if not "no swear words"!?) so I skip the B word.
4. Another really, really encouraging song during a less-than-peachy time. *winks*

1. The Amazing Spider Man
2. Once Upon a Time season 2

1. This movie was fantastic! Not that I didn't know that it would be, but I just felt like that needed to be said. Andrew Garfield is - IMHO - the best Peter Parker ever, and despite how much I love Bryce Dallas Howard, Emma Stone is my favorite Gwen Stacie. (I love Emma Stone!) She's just too cute!
2. This weeks episode was really good, and I loved learning more about Red, but I felt like it just wasn't as "OMG WHAT WILL HAPPEN???" as usually. Am I crazy, or do any of you agree with me?


  1. I really like Once Upon a Time! It is such a great show! I wish they made more shows like it.

  2. Mmm, those donuts look amazing! And so does that ice cream...birthday cake and chocolate are my favorite flavors! I didn't think I would like a birthday cake flavored ice cream, but I ended up loving it! :P
    And your flats are adorable!
    The Amazing Spiderman is my new favorite movie...and it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that I have a teensy crush on Andrew Garfield.(; I enjoyed it much more than any of the other spiderman movies, and I really liked Gwen Stacie!
    I finally gave up on watching Once Upon a Time, haha...I just got to the point where I was annoyed by all but a few characters, and the story just seemed less exciting. I feel like the plot of the show is still interesting, but the writers went too overboard trying to throw in every single fairy tale character they could come up with, and the new characters all seemed pretty flat. But maybe that's just me, haha! I am sure that many other people feel the exact opposite of me!


  3. My life lately has also been an abundance of food! I love it! Haha. And I love love love Part of Me by Katy Perry!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth


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