Thursday, March 21, 2013

Guest Post from Megan of New Eve Jewelery

Today I've got a wonderful guest post from Beautifully Pure's feature sponsor this month, New Eve Jewelry! And it's perfect timing, too, because I've decided that I am not standing outside in the freezing cold to get outfit photos one. more. time! (at least until October) Outfit photos will resume once the weather warms up, but until then feast your eyes on Megan's lovely outfit! ♥

Hi, I'm Megan from New Eve Jewelry. Not only do I love to scour the thrift shops for tiny trinkets to use in my jewelry, but I also have a soft spot for lovely vintage blouses and dresses. This vintage outfit is a blend of a few of my very favorite things - spring, flowers, brown leather, and a fun straw hat! The dress is vintage - I refashioned it into a dress from a ghastly SKORT! It was hilarious, but I could tell that as a dress it would have just the right amount of whimsy. I love these tassel vintage Bass loafer wedges - also a thrifting treasure.
The hat's from Sears actually, and the necklace is none other than New Eve. Enjoy! Happy Spring!

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  1. Beautiful dress! How funny that it was a skort...sometimes it's hard to see the potential in vintage pieces, that's awesome that you refashioned it!


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