Sunday, September 12, 2010


School started this past Tuesday - all except math that is, since that hasn't arrived yet. (Yay!! :D)

So far school is very easy. I've already finished my only prose literature book ahead of schedule, and usually got done before lunch. It is - interesting. The past few years my school was VERY challenging, so this is new for me...

The good news is that this leaves time for new protects - which I shall post about later this week (maybe tomorrow). Until then I shall leave you with some pictures I got during a break Monday morning. It was cool and crisp outside - the coolest it'd been in weeks - and it totally felt like fall. I couldn't resist getting a shot or two - or three or more. :D

(I went with a rather simple outfit since I figured I'd be working all day)

(Unbloomed Wood Asters)

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Charlotte Russe
Jeans: So...
Shoes: Old Navy
Belt: The Gap
Jacket: Wet Seal


  1. Aaah, we have green acorns here, too! I absolutely love them.

    You are impossibly cute. Did you know that? I love all of your photos, especially the out-of-focus one shot from the swing, also the one of you running shot from behind. Who took that?

    I expect more blogs from you, missy.

  2. Aww, thanks, Christina! I love the out of focus one too - and green acorns. They are my favorite.
    I accidentally took the one of me running when the timer messed up. :D
    And yes, there shall be lots more posts. I am planning one for today, already. :D


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