Monday, September 13, 2010

My New Project

The good news about having so much free time after school is that it leaves me time for projects. Here is my new one:

And this:



I've been wanting to do something with my room for years, but I really began to want something new earlier this year when my "I want everything to look like it came right out of a time machine from 100+ years ago!" phase came to a screeching halt. So this is really nice. :D I am totally in love with the purple color and I cannot wait to get more paint and finish the room! (We only bought a half a pint trial size first to see if I liked the color.)

And yes, I did have fun with my camera. :D


  1. That's so cool! But how did it look when it was supposed to appear from 100+ years ago? *curious*

  2. Light blue walls, an old fashioned desk, and lots of antique looking nick-nacks everywhere (candle holders, dried flowers, a lanterne, etc.)

  3. Oh my I just love that shade of purple! I want to get my own room. Then I could make is sailorish, Archeologist-ish, and knight-ish all at once!!!! It'd be so cool!!

    Oh, and you never showed me your broken violin! *sobs* okay, well, I sorta forgot to remind you.... :D



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