Friday, December 9, 2011

The Way You Love Me // Daily Outfit + Honest to Blog

{dress//ModCloth :: jeans//Old Navy :: shoes//UrbanOg :: cardigan//thrifted :: belt//thrifted :: necklace//ModCloth :: headband//D.I.Y}

"There's no one else who can love me,
 Quite like the way that you love me,
No, there's no one else."
No One Else by Breanne Duren

This is outfit is almost entirely composed of some of my favorite pieces of clothing and make up. ModCloth dress? Check. Indie shoes? Check. Bright fuchsia lipstick? Check. Bright blue cardigan, Peter Pan colar, DIY headband and (awesome) gold rockabilly car necklace? Check! I have an inkling that this outfit probably shouldn't work, but I don't really care. It's me and I like it. ♥

A couple years ago I had a friend that with low self esteem. She had to be the best and smartest at everything, and if I didn't agree with her then I had to be the one who was wrong. I know she didn't mean to be mean, because she's really a sweet girl, but I had low self esteem and being around her made me question myself. I felt like somehow I just wasn't quite as good as she was. She didn't except me as I was, and I wanted her to like me so much I changed who I was to fit in with her. I often wonder how far I would have followed her if I hadn't met my big sister shortly after. 

But this year has been awesome. I've made a lot of new friends (yes, Amber, I'm looking at you!) who love me and except me completely as I am - which is pretty crazy as the first picture clearly shows - and my confidence has grown in leaps and bounds.

Earlier this week I was telling one of my afore mentioned new friends about how irritated I am at not posting on my blog more often. I summed it up to my laziness, and half joking/half not reprimanded myself with an exclamation of "bad, Katie!" But what my friend said next caught me by surprise. He told me quite bluntly that he didn't think I was lazy and bad, but "sweet and good." I'm not going to lie: that totally made my day! I'm definitely a "words of affirmation" kind of girl, so hearing something like that -especially completely unasked for - pretty much sent my confidence soaring sky high, and if it wasn't for that I probably wouldn't have had the guts to post that first picture.


  1. lov the chic

    hope u comment my blog too


  2. Ohh, your outfit is such a dream! I love your layering! <3 The belt goes oh-so perfectly and I love love love the colour of your cardigan!

    Lost in the Haze

  3. ooh, is that a tulle dress? or did it go on sale recently or something? i was totally checking it out, either on modcloth or tulle...

    either way, you look adorable. i'm glad you're growing your confidence, because you deserve to have a lot of it!!


  4. I love your dress!


  5. I just bought that top on Black Friday! I can't wait to wear it. It looks great on you.

  6. I had a friend quite like this.. I actually dreamt of her last night. It's sad, and sometimes I remember things differently about the friendship. I am very grateful for you and all of the wonderful friends whom I met through blogging if not for this alone.

    You look so beautiful; yes, these are my favorite photos of you ever!

    Have you heard back from Modcloth yet?

  7. what lovely words to hear from someone :)
    i have to say... it quite bizarre! i have just found your lovely blog and have just done a post with me wearing this exact dress. i also have the same kinda hairband(but not wearing it) and now i totally am gunna try it with skinnies after seeing how goof it looks on you... You look gorgeous.your style is just my cuppa tea:D


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