Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Someone Said Goodbye

Sometimes I feel as if I haven't a friend in the world. Like I will die the same way I am living now - having done really nothing of anything significant. But that's probably just me being depressed. I get that way sometimes. I make myself believe that things will be better when such-and-such happens - but they're not. They never are. And this trip kind of only made things worse. For two weeks I got to be with friends - real friends who care about me, and respect me. But it couldn't last, and now I face the summer - and it will most likely be very lonely.

I just want to spend the whole summer with my big sister. I keep thinking back to the trip, and how much fun it was. Two whole weeks with friends that didn't act like I'm a dumb little girl who doesn't know anything about the world. I'd give anything to be able to spend a whole summer with those friends.

I wore this outfit the day my big sister left. It was my one last chance to show her - in real life - what I can do. Because, to be completely honest, I want so badly for her to be proud of me. I get all dressed up and do my hair and make up so she will be. So she can see the one thing I'm really good at - because she is so good at writing and just about everything.

Today I applied for the community college and - if all goes well - I'll be taking some classes this summer. I just need to decide if I want to take a compute graphics class or a photography class. I think I learn enough about photography on my own, without a class (I am so happy with how my photography has improved in the past six months) and I really want to learn more about computer graphics, but I'd love to meet some photography lovers that live in my area, so we'll see.

While we're on the subject of computer graphics, however, what would you all think if I started selling custom blog templates? They wouldn't be super fancy, but also not super expensive. I'm thinking $15-$30 dollars depending on how much the customer would want done. Anybody like the idea?
Outfit Details:
Dress - Thrifted
Jeans - Old Navy
Cardigan - Old Navy
Belt - Charlotte Russe
Ballet Flats - H&M
Hat - H&M
Sunglasses - ModCloth via my sweet big sister
Purse - Mulberry for Target


  1. this is such a pretty look!!! love it :)

  2. I don't know if your a Christian, or even believe in God. But I want to encourage you that their is NO friend that is closer or more perfect than Jesus. He'll hold you when your lonely, dry your tears. The Bible says He holds every tear you've cried in a cup. He died on the cross for your sins! He loves you so much girl! If you ever have any questions about God, please ask me! I'd be happy to answer them.

    And I have been in the same boat as you with friends, you feel alone and as if your world has spun out of control. I do want to encourage you that if your a Christian, let the friendship thing go. Be happy with where you are, and cling to Jesus. Read your Bible, pray. Once you let it go, I've actually found He will give you a friend when the time is right. You also might have someone right in front of you who could use a friend. Maybe not someone you'd LIKE to be friends with. But it will benefit you greatly in the end anyways.
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  3. Awwww, Katie! I'M your friend!! :) And I think you're awesome.

    Also your outfit is totally amazing; I love your ballet flats! And I think taking a photography class would be a great idea because then you can meet cool people who also like photography! Win-Win!

  4. Your outfit is really lovely. And for what it's worth, I think you're a good writer, too.


  5. I was just going to comment on how much your photography and styling has improved since I have known you. So this is another thing you're really good at. And no one really needs to be good at everything. Yes it sounds nice and all, but we don't really need it. Success in life as well as meaningfulness comes when we know 1-2 things and can do them really really well.

    I hope you feel better and find a course that you'll love.


    Twitter - @ishrattrishna

  6. Sorry you're feeling this way:( not fun. Hope you'll get into those classes! You'll do great:D

  7. We all crave friendship and companionship. I know how you feel since My greatest friends live a bit of a distance away. Although Natasha is 100% right, it is good to have a friend who can help you along the way so you aren't so lonely even with Jesus' help (who yes is definitely the best friend anyone could have). I feel so much more secure in myself when I commune with Jesus through prayer and in reading His word. However when there is someone who can talk to you about the things that you read and pray about, and you are able to read and pray with them, it is so much more amazing, I think..and both are important.

    I am sorry that you feel sad now that you don't have her with you so often, but as iron sharpens iron, I am sure you can still be close together with the distance.

    I don't really think I had REAL friends until I was in my mid-twenties (24-27. . like now). haha.

    You are not a dumb little girl at all. It is good that you want to make your friend proud of you. Just make sure she isn't your top priority but complimentary instead.

    I hope you enjoy your community college if you get accepted (I'm sure you will). You'd do a great job. Just to tell you though, I have a friend who went to photography school and has a degree for it and she isn't that good at it. They teach you great things but I think YOU already have the skill that can help make you even better, but maybe they won't really even be able to teach you anything at all!!

  8. Aw, it makes me sad that you feel this way. You are gorgeous and talented and seem like such a lovely person. But I do know how you feel to an extent. I don't really have any close friends except for my family. I get downtrodden at times too b/c of this. Best wishes in all your endeavors...I think selling your templates is a great idea.

    I love everything about your outfit. Especially that adorable belt.

    Hang in there darling! xx Marisa

  9. This is one of my favourite looks for you!! Oh my gosh, I LOVE IT!!!!


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