Thursday, September 5, 2013

Brick Walls Are Closing In // What I Wore

This is my last post from my trip to Ohio/Pittsburgh last month. As I said in my last post, I got to spend the night with Lauren and explore her town a bit before leaving. I took so many pictures that I thought it would be best to split them into two posts.

I got this dress at Lauren's favorite thrift store, and boy can I see why she likes it so much! I got this dress for a mere $2, and it is the perfect with eyelet dress! Every white eyelet/lace dress I've had before has been too short, but this one is seriously perfect. Not to mention that I also got a lovely purple shift dress for $1, and the most beautiful black velvet strapless dress known to mankind for $2. Seriously, I cannot wait for the weather to cool off more so I can take that dress for a spin.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Maddie and I are heading down south after I get off work to stay with our grandparents tonight before continuing on to Missouri tomorrow morning. I cannot wait to drive on the open road again! (I really am a Missouri gal at heart.

♥ ♥ ♥       
dress: thrifted
denim shirt: Plato's Closet
belt:  Talbots
necklace: Little Black Bag
bag + Me Too flats: Forest Bootery
watch + bracelet: Francesca's Collections
lipstick: Urban Decay Revolution in Anarchy


  1. That is a cute dress for sure, and I like the photography of brick buildings! :D I'm new to the world of fashion blogging and just checking blogs of those with the same interests. If you could check out my blog and let me know what you think, that would be great. :)

  2. That dress is adorable! I can't believe you found it for only $2! It's really hard to find dresses that cheap at the thrift stores near where I live, haha. I love the photos, too!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  3. Sounds like an awesome thrift store! All the thrift stores in my area are kinda lame.. :\. Have fun on your trip! Can't wait to see pictures!

  4. I spy with my little eye, some Anarchy! :P Seriously though, you gals are so adorable! Looks like you scored on some thrift finds - that dress looks like it was made for you! Miss you!


  5. Can't believe you got that beautiful dress for that amount! Such a steal!

  6. first of all, you look so darling here! i adore the white dress. second, i want to visit this little spot!

    lindsey louise

  7. I think it is great you two got to hang out together! How wonderful! I haven't been to your blog in a few weeks and love the new layout and name too, by the way!!!

  8. Love your pictures, especially the one with you and Lauren. I love the 2 different colours of lipstick. :)

    Loving your new dress, i'm always jealous of Lauren's thrift founds, doesn't she always find the most perfect stuff?? :)

    x Audrey

  9. Found your blog through the Christian Fashion Blogger Network! I totally adore this post; I love walking through downtown cities with historic backgrounds with rows of brick buildings.

    I, too, am a faith/fashion blogger :) Please check out my site!


  10. That necklace is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I'd love to have some statement pieces like that :)! I love that you and Lauren are so close, you can tell by just looking at the picture of both of you :). That's so amazing that you're going to Missouri! I've been there once and it was SO beautiful. Georgia is mainly fields and pine trees, but we do have some mountains here and there ;P. So lucky on that eyelet dress too! I'm having the exact same problem- I wonder what it is about white dresses being shorter than usual? LOL
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  11. Love the necklace! Also, miss those sunny warm days..


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